Contractor Information

  • Contractors must be licensed. This means that they are required to have a Contractor's license through the L&I office. Contractor Lookup can be used to confirm if your contractor has a license, and if it is valid.
  • Must use licensed contractors. If you are paying for someone to do work, they must be a licensed contractor.
  • Contractors are allowed to perform only the work that their license allows them to do - ie. General Contractors are not allowed to perform electrical work or plumbing work. A licensed electrician or plumber is required for this type of work.
  • Contractors must have a State and City business license.
  • Permitting is required. It is the professional responsibility of the contractor to make sure all permits are in place before starting work. All work completed is required to be inspected to final out the permits. It is the responsibility of the contractor to make sure inspections are requested.