Applicant Inspection Responsibilities

  • Read the inspection availability listing times and dates of each individual department. The applicant is responsible for requesting all inspections listed on their approved permit application, that apply to the project.  If an electrician has been hired, electrical inspection requests will only be accepted by the electrician. 
  • Plan ahead and get your inspection request in early. Work may not continue until the requested inspection has been approved. Your time slot you may need might not be available if you request an inspection last minute. 
  • Include special inspection requests. If you need to leave special instructions with an inspector, please add the information to the inspection request when scheduling online, or let the scheduler know when requesting via phone.
  • Provide access to entry (when required), by either having someone there to let the inspector in or provide a lock box code or instructions as to where a key is located. Note: Inspectors will not enter an occupied residence or commercial structure without an of-age representative there, to let them in.
  • Request an exact day and time. “Anytime” inspections are only for structures that are open to entry throughout the entire day. Inspectors are not able to call before they come. Please be there at the time of your request. (Having to reschedule may incur an additional fee.)
  • Check your emails for approval of your inspection request. All inspections are entered electronically. If you are connected to the permit application electronically, you will receive an email notification of the request, as well as the approval. Make sure to check the approval time and day. The time and day requested can change if the requested time is not available.
  • Check your emails for inspection results. All inspection results are entered electronically. If the applicant or owner has an account, and it is connected to the permit application electronically, they will receive an email of the inspection results. They can also sign into their account and view the results under the inspections section of their application.