What Happens After I Report a Code Violation?

The Code Compliance Process is focused on working with our community to gain compliance, not to punish violators.  Our goal is to discover the underlying conditions that lead to the code violation and work towards lasting solutions. This process is not always a quick one.  Severe cases often require multiple departments working together towards abating a nuisance property.  Please be sure you are reporting issues to all departments involved such as the Drug Task Force and Parking Enforcement.

The Code compliance process builds a case that may lead to fines, citations, or other legal action. This requires documentation as well as legally required time to comply. Along with hearings and other processing time that the City has no control over. Once a case goes to court there can be further delays based on that scheduling. Cases can take months or even years to abate following the required timeline.

In the instance of a property owner choosing to evict a tenant due to non-compliance, the legal court procedure can take several months to a year.

Status Updates

If you reported through the portal, you will be able to check on the case status for updates.

Calls for updates will be returned as we are able if new information is available.

It is very helpful to report updates and changes to a property after filing the initial complaint. This can be done through the portal or by phone message.