Residential Rental Property Inspection

  • The ordinance requires that all registered rental properties be inspected at least once every 3 years.
  • The owner must hire a qualified rental housing inspector or City inspector to do the inspections.
  • This ordinance does not cover complaint-based enforcement of City housing standards. We will continue our complaint-based process for housing code violations. Our city housing inspectors will continue to enforce all housing code standards and other applicable codes.

Use of Checklist

Property owners can use the Rental Registration and Inspection Program (RRIP) Checklist to confirm that their rental housing properties and units meet the requirements of the Rental Registration and Inspection Program (RRIP) or if units are vacant, they will meet the requirements prior to renting.

Inspectors will use the RRIP checklist (PDF) to validate that rental housing properties have been well maintained, in accordance to the RRIP requirements.

Inspection Fees

Residential Rental Inspection fee of $75 covers the initial inspection and one follow-up inspection. A second follow-up inspection (3rd inspection visit) will be an additional $150.

If construction permits are purchased to remodel the structure, the inspection fee may be waived at the discretion of the City Rental Inspector.