Investigations and Support Services Sections

The Investigations Section is under the supervision of Detective Sergeant Andy Snodgrass.  Three detectives are assigned follow-up investigation work on major crimes, most commonly felony in nature.  Detectives work the majority of follow-up on crimes against persons (Murder, Robbery, Assault 1 and 2, sex crimes, etc.), as well as a variety of property and financial crimes (Burglary, Fraud/Forgery, Embezzlement, Theft 1 and 2, etc.).  Detectives work closely with the Grays Harbor County Prosecutor’s Office for efficient case preparation and prosecution of suspects.  An additional detective is also assigned full time to the Grays Harbor County Drug Task Force.  Aside from criminal investigations, detectives participate in internal investigations and background investigations for prospective employees. 

Lieutenant Darst is a certified polygraph operator for the agency.  He also supervises the Evidence Technician and all evidence/property retained in the Aberdeen Police Evidence Locker.

Evidence/Property Release:  Services are only available during limited business hours at the police department front counter, by appointment, between 8 AM and 4 PM (excluding 12-1 PM).  Citizens requesting release of evidence/property should schedule appointments by calling #360.533.3180 and speaking with the Evidence Technician.  In most cases, citizens showing up at the lobby requesting evidence/property release will not be accommodated at the time.


Records – The three Records Specialists are under the supervision of Officer Wayne Schmidt, and are responsible for all data entry into the department records management system, filing and distribution of reports generated by the Patrol and Investigations Sections.  Records personnel are the first point of contact for citizens calling or arriving at the lobby of the police facility.  They complete all public records requests, and also provide support services to all divisions and sections of the department, with tasks necessary for the day to day operation of the Aberdeen Police Department.  The Records Section is open 7 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), and can be reached at #360.533.3180.

Concealed Pistol Licensing:  

The Aberdeen Police Department will process the CPL requests between 8 AM and 4 PM (excluding 12-1 PM).  Applicants arrive at APD and will be required to produce picture identification.  They will be provided a document to make payment at City Hall (Finance Department), and return to APD for completion of required paperwork and fingerprinting.  New CPL’s are normally issued within 30 days, and renewals are generally processed and issued within 2 weeks.  Fees:  $48 new, $32 renewal (within 90 days prior to expiration), $42 late renewal (within 90 days after expiration), and $10 replacement (lost or stolen).  The Aberdeen Police Department does not provide lamination.

Public Records Requests:  

Requests for records can be initiated in a variety of ways.  Citizens can either come to the lobby of the police station, email, or fax a request to the Aberdeen Police Department.  The forms can either be picked up at the lobby, or found online at the City of Aberdeen website under the “Online Forms Center”.  Fees:  there is no fee for inspecting public records, and a requester may obtain standard paper or electronic copies of up to twenty (20) pages at no charge.  Fifteen cents ($0.15) per page will be charged if the request exceeds twenty (20) pages.


 All applicants must have a valid picture identification.  Fingerprinting will only be completed Monday through Friday between 8 AM to 4 PM (excluding 12-1 PM).  It is recommended that people requesting fingerprinting call #360.533.3180 before coming to the station to verify there is available Records or Corrections staff capable of providing the service.  Fees:  $5 first card, $2 additional cards.

Online Reporting

 Should it be more convenient for your schedule, or if you would rather simply file a report without speaking directly with an officer, the Aberdeen Police Department provides an alternate option for your needs.  If you have been the victim of either a Vehicle Prowl or Theft (as long as the items were NOT taken from inside your home or building by someone who didn’t have permission to be present) where the damage or missing items do not exceed $750 and there are no serial numbers available for the missing items or witnesses, you can file the information online.  The forms are available on the City of Aberdeen webpage under the “Online Forms Center”.

Corrections – The Corrections Section is under the management of Lieutenant Kevin Darst.  Staffed by 7 full-time Corrections Officers working 24-hour coverage, the Aberdeen Jail is an 18 bed facility with a maximum population of 24 inmates.  The jail is able to house misdemeanor offenders as well as short term felony offenders.  Corrections officers prepare meals in-house, purchased through the Washington State Department of Corrections – Correctional Industries meal service.

Visitation Hours:  Every Sunday between 9 -11 AM

Inmate Items:  Food, personal care items, and clothing will be supplied by Corrections staff.  Should anything be brought in for an inmate, it is required that items are in new/unopened original packaging.  Corrections staff have discretion on all items entering the jail facility.

Animal Control – Animal Control is staffed by one full-time Animal Control Officer who responds to approximately 1000 calls per year; and one part-time Shelter Custodian, who assists with feeding the animals and maintaining the Animal Control Shelter (located at 409 S. Monroe St., #360.537.3382).  Animal Control is available to assist with domestic animal issues within the community.  Wildlife animal complaints (i.e., non-domesticated animals) should be directed to the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Pet Licenses:  If you live within the city limits of Aberdeen and own a dog or cat which is at least six months old, you are required by Aberdeen City Ordinance (6.04.020) to license your pet with the city.  A pet license may be obtained through the City Hall Finance Office, and requires proof of a current rabies vaccination.  Fees:  $3 Spayed/Neutered (S/N) cat, $5 S/N dog, $25 Lifetime License cat, $30 Lifetime License dog, $15 non-S/N cat, $25 non-S/N dog. 

Parking Enforcement – Parking enforcement responsibilities are handled by one full-time Parking Enforcement Officer