Shoreline Master Program

What It Is

The Shoreline Master Program (AMC 14.50) regulates development in the city's shoreline environments to:

  • Encourage water-dependent uses
  • Preserve, enhance, and increase views of and access to the water
  • Protect shoreline ecosystems
  • Provide for maximum public use and enjoyment of the shorelines
  • Respond to pollution discharges into bodies of water


Our ordinance requires that you:

  • Obtain a shoreline substantial development permit or a shoreline exemption, for any development in the Shoreline District
  • Use best management practices in the shoreline to minimize and mitigate impacts on the aquatic environment

Other Resources

For emergency spill response: contact Department of Ecology's 24-hour hotline at 800-OILS-911.

Read the Code

Read the Aberdeen Municipal Code (AMC) section on the Shoreline Master Program requirements, AMC 14.50.

Proposed Changes

None. The (Shoreline Master Program) SMP was amended in 2017.