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Temporary Alternative Shelter Location Information

[Alternative Shelter Information] |  [TASL Town Hall Transcription 2019]
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Storm Damage Presentation + More


Public Works Director to Present Storm Damage Overview

Malcolm Bowie, the City Engineer and Public Works Director for the City of Aberdeen will have a brief presentation for City Council of the storm damage and clean-up efforts of City crews over the past week. The presentation will take place at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers on the third floor of City Hall prior to the start of the regular council meeting. The public is welcome to attend.

More than 500 tons of debris was picked up from the dumpsters placed throughout Aberdeen over the weekend. This clean up activity has exhausted the funds allotted for the “spring” clean up. Mayor Simpson said, “Spring came early this year.” Residents are advised now that the traditional City-funded spring clean-up opportunity won’t happen. Plans are being discussed on how to help residents who still have soggy carpet, insulation and drywall. However, placement of additional dumpsters will not be part of the plan.

Help us help you and your neighbors: The hardiness of the residents of Grays Harbor County may prove to be our greatest weakness. If individuals and businesses do not report their property damage, however small or large it may be, there will be no state or federal assistance made available. Those controlling the emergency response funds need to know the impact the storm had on individuals before they will consider providing financial assistance. Please report your damage. A link to the form can be found on the City’s website at Paper copies of the form are available at City Hall as well. Even if you don’t know all the information the form asks, complete what you can and turn it in.

Call CCAP. Coastal Community Action Program (CCAP) is now your contact for all flood related information. If you have a flood related question, concern or report, please call CCAP at 360-533-5100. Volunteers are still needed for additional clean up this weekend. Crews are being organized through CCAP.  If you need help or can volunteer to help, please call now.

Mud pickup occurring on west end of town. The Public Works Department has identified the area between Oak Street and Finch Park, Sumner Avenue and the bluff for removal of the mud that you have piled on or near the city streets. Additional areas will be identified, but it is anticipated that it will take several days to clean this area. We cannot remove mud from your private yard. We will pick up mud, dirt and silt piled on and near City streets. Please do your best to keep the material away from the storm drains. Remember, we cannot pick up material containing garbage.

Get a free assessment of your damage. If your home was near the rising waters, it is possible that you have damage under your house. Call CCAP at 360-533-5100 and someone knowledgeable will do a damage assessment. An international response organization known as Team Rubicon is available with volunteers to do those assessments and assist with the removal of material. You can reach them through CCAP. Team Rubicon volunteers drive easily identifiable vehicles and have Team Rubicon clothing to identify themselves.

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