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Request Statements for Qualification – SeaFirst Building

Seeking Statements of Qualifications

conduct a comprehensive feasibility analysis of developing a future civic center

The City of Aberdeen (City) is seeking Statements of Qualifications from experienced firms (Consultant) to conduct a comprehensive feasibility analysis of developing a future civic center or city hall in the Seafirst Building owned by the Aberdeen Cemetery Association.

The City’s primary objectives are to:

  • Investigate the possible development of a multi-use Civic Center (including a new City Hall) in the existing building.
  • Analyze current and future parking needs and opportunities, as well as vehicle access and circulation.
  • Analyze the space needs and uses of the existing City Hall and other City facilities, including its Public Works corporation yard and offices for library storage or special exhibitions.
  • Analyze budget implications and perform a cost analysis for development of a Civic Center/City Hall.
  • Identify a range of funding options for development of the Civic Center/City Hall, including possible sale of other City-owned property/facilities.
  • Obtain real estate value appraisals of all subject properties.
  • Analyze applicable General Plan policies and zoning issues.

In summary, the feasibility study should include a review of existing facilities, sizing of a suitable City Hall building on the existing site, an analysis of reuse opportunities, identification of site constraints, cost estimates for building construction and public improvements, and a conceptual design for a future City Hall or Civic Center…..[to learn more click here]

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