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Temporary Alternative Shelter Location Information

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City of Aberdeen Water Department

The City of Aberdeen Water Divisions are located at 1201 W. Heron Street. After Hours Emergency Number – 360.533.5817

The Division has been recognized by the Washington State Division of Health Division of Drinking Water for demonstrated commitment to public health protection through the provision of safe and reliable drinking water.

Contact Information

Mike Randich Systems Manager Phone: (360) 537-3273 Contact Mike Randich | Water Division City of Aberdeen WA
Berti Chamberlain Admin Coordinator Phone: (360) 537-3274 Contact Berti Chamberlain | Water Division
Tyson Burgess Service Supervisor Phone: (360) 537-3223 Contact Customer Service Supervisor
Andrea Leach Billing Contact Phone: (360) 537-3210 Contact Andrea Leach | Billing Contact

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