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Temporary Alternative Shelter Location Information

[Alternative Shelter Information] |  [TASL Town Hall Transcription 2019]
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Parking and Business Improvement


The purpose of the parking and business improvement district is to aid general economic development and neighborhood revitalization, and to facilitate the cooperation of merchants, businesses, and residential property owners in order to assist trade, economic viability, and livability through: The acquisition, construction or maintenance of parking facilities for the benefit of the district; Decoration of any public place in the district; Sponsorship or promotion of public events which are to take place on or in public places in the district; Furnishing of music in any public place in the district; Providing professional management, planning, and promotion for the district, including the management and promotion of retail trade activities in the district; Providing maintenance and security for common, public areas…Business Improvement Member Contact List

The Aberdeen Downtown Parking and Business Improvement Committee members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council to staggered 4 year terms and areĀ composed of no less than five members and no more than nine members representing businesses within the district provided; however, no more than two members shall be appointed from businesses within the same street block in the district.

The Aberdeen Downtown Parking and Business Improvement District brief description is an area located west of “F” Street, including both sides of “F” Street to center of the of “L” Street, from center of State Street going north to center of 1st Street.

Public Meetings

The Aberdeen Downtown Parking and Business Improvement District normal meeting is held the 2nd Thursday of each month atĀ 8:00 am at the Committee Room on the 3rd floor of Aberdeen City Hall.

Committee Members

  • Tawni Andrews
  • Janice Pollen
  • Tim Schlaht
  • Pete Scroggs
  • Ray Ericks
  • Diane Levold
  • Anne Marie Babineau
  • Mel Bennett
  • Clyde Brown
  • Dean Winkle