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Temporary Alternative Shelter Location Information

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Special Assignments Division

The Special Assignments Sections is managed by a Police Sergeant. The Special Assignments Division is responsible for the Records Section, Jail, In-Service Training, Facility maintenance, Animal Control, Parking enforcement and the Senior Volunteer Unit.

  • Records Section – The Records personnel are responsible for all data entry into the records management system, filling and distribution of all reports generated by the patrol and investigations sections, providing support services to all sections of the Department, and other tasks necessary for the day to day operation of the Aberdeen Police Department.
  • Corrections Division – The jail is an 18 bed facility. The Aberdeen Jail is staffed by four Corrections Officers. To reduce overtime and assist in staffing a pool of “casual” officers are occassionally utilized
  • Animal Control – The animal Control Unit is staffed by one full time Animal Control Officer, and one part time Shelter Custodian. Animal control falls under the direction of the Special Services Commander. Officer Mike Roble responded to approximately 1000 calls per year.

Senior Volunteers

The Aberdeen Police Department and the Special Assignments Division want to thank our extemely valuable Senior Volunteers for the service they provide our city. Among their many duties:

  • performing vacation house checks for the citizens of Aberdeen
  • patrolling Handicap Parking spaces designated within the city limits
  • crime prevention activities including informational mailings
  • transporting evidence to the State Crime Labs in Olympia and Tacoma
  • cataloging stolen and found bicycles
  • monitoring speed radar in school zones
  • providing tours tours for kindergarten through second grade classes