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Patrol Division

Mission Statement

We are a proactive workforce that provides uncompromised service and protection for all.

Serving our Community

The Aberdeen Police Department Patrol Division is comprised of 26 motivated members. The Patrol Division is comprised of 16 Officers, seven Sergeants, two Lead Patrol Officers and is managed by one Captain.

Traffic enforcement and traffic safety are some of the primary responsibilities of the Patrol division. The Aberdeen Police Officers performs in excess of 4000 traffic stops during a year for a variety of traffic violations.

The APD Patrol Division is also responsible for a number of other duties:

  • Issuance of Criminal Citations
  • Calls for Service – The Aberdeen Police Department responds to upwards of 20,000 calls per year
  • S.E.R.T [Special Emergency Response Team] – Activated for extremely tense incidents involving dangerous, barricaded, or armed subjects.