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Aberdeen Explorer Post #13


Aberdeen Explorer Post 13

Aberdeen Explorer Post 13In 2007 the Aberdeen Police Department Explorer Post #13 continued to progress in the training of young adults to be the law enforcement officers of tomorrow.

The Explorers participate in a variety of community service events and training opportunities during the year.

Providing Community Support

Throughout the year the Explorers contributed approximately 966 community service hours:

  • 367 hours riding with police officers
  • 179 hours performing departmental and community services
  • 420 hours dedicated to the Oregon Police Explorer Challenge
  • 900 hours of weekly meetings and training

2007 was a brief transition year for the Explorer Post. After serving four years as an advisor, Officer Steve Timmons resigned his position.

Officer Timmons did an outstanding job as an advisor and should be commended for his commitment to the post during his tenure. Officer Tim Fellows replaced Officer Steve Timmons.

This year the post attended the Oregon Explorer Challenge. Our post brought home five awards between three individuals, including first place in the mystery event and third place in the crime in progress event.

Department Valued Service

The Explorers volunteered their time to assist with the Splash Festival, the Easter Extravaganza, the Downtown Trick or Treat, the Aberdeen Police Officer’s Guild Ball and Golf Tournament, sponsored bicycle rodeos, and security at the 7th Street Theatre.

For the 2008 calendar year, it is the goal of the Explorer post to strengthen the number of members by actively recruiting young adults that will positively represent the community and police department.

In closing, the Aberdeen Police Explorer Post is a valuable part of the police department. The opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the law enforcement field as proved by the Aberdeen Police Department, is truly valued my each member of the post.