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Lodging Tax Committee


The Lodging Tax Committee is made up of at least five (5) members appointed by the Mayor. The chair of the Committee is the Chair of the City of Aberdeen Finance Committee, two (2) of the members have to collect the tax (i.e. hotel owners, etc.) and two (2) member are recipients of the fund.

Attracting Visitors and Encouraging Tourism

This fund was created for the purpose of paying all or any part of the cost of acquisition, construction, or operating of stadium facilities, convention center facilities, performing arts center facilities and/or visual arts center facilities, or to pay or secure the payment of all or any portion of general obligation bonds or revenue bonds issued for such purpose or purposes under this chapter or to pay for advertising, publicizing, or otherwise distributing information for the purpose of attracting visitors and encouraging tourist expansion.

Those interested can download the [Lodging Tax Fund Application]. All applicants will be required to provide the following documentation in order to be eligible for grant funds:

  • At least 25% matching funds
  • How the project will benefit the City of Aberdeen, specifically tourism projects that relate to overnight stays in the City of Aberdeen’s Hotels and Motels
  • Past involvement in similar projects
  • The organization’s need for future project operation and/or maintenance
  • The organization’s project schedule
  • A copy of the organization’s board members, including addresses and phone numbers
  • All organizations that are awarded funding will be required to submit an end-of-the-year financial report detailing all income received from your event/project and all expenses associated with your event and /or project

Public Meetings

This committee meets in the first quarter of each year to review applications that have been submitted and to make a recommendation to the Aberdeen City Council, for funding.

Committee Members

  • Jeff Cook – Chair
  • Dru Garson
  • Cindy Lonn
  • Sylvia Dickerson
  • Vacant