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Rotary Log Pavilion

Aberdeen WA Rotary Log Pavilion available for rentals

Interested in learning more about our pavilion?   Visit our new Aberdeen Rotary Log Pavilion website.  The new site includes useful information, history, photo gallery and all the forms you need to get your application started.

In June of 1994 the Aberdeen Rotary Club donated a magnificent $1.5 million Log Pavilion to the City of Aberdeen. It was the vision of Rotarians Bob Swedblom, Jim Stamateou, Mel Flavel and John Earley. This building is the result of hand crafted Weyerhaeuser donated logs and six years of dedicated volunteer labor. Over 125 volunteers, donations from 52 community businesses and $246,000 cash from the Aberdeen Rotary Club made this unique community Pavilion possible. It truly was a community effort.

A Community Showcase

Located at entrance of Aberdeen, beside the banks of the Chehalis River, The Pavilion is admired by all who have visited it. There is beautiful etched glass over the entrance ways and the Pavilion wraps around a massive stone fireplace and is lit by cast iron chandeliers. It is equipped with a commercial kitchen and a professional PA System with microphones and CD/Tape player. Beautiful landscaping surrounds the building.

The Perfect Place for a Social Gathering

The Facility is available for community gatherings as well as private party functions.

For more information regarding Aberdeen’s Rotary Log Pavilion please visit or call Aberdeen Parks and Recreation at 360-537-3248.