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Temporary Alternative Shelter Location Information

[Alternative Shelter Information] |  [TASL Town Hall Transcription 2019]
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Mud and Silt Removal, Dumpsters & More


The City of Aberdeen will pick up mud and silt

Mayor Bill Simpson has authorized the use of city crews to pick up mud, dirt and silt that settled in yards and on private property starting next week. Residents must place the material on the City’s sidewalks. The material pile cannot contain any hazardous materials or non-organic matter. Piles containing material other than mud, dirt and other organic matter will NOT be picked up. A detailed schedule for the material pick-up and accompanying street closures to accommodate the pick-up equipment will be available next week.

Again, do not place any material, organic or otherwise, in the street. Do not use the storm drains as your disposal. Doing so has the potential to cause additional flooding to your neighborhood during the next rain event.

The primary infrastructure of the City has been restored. Water service has been restored and we have no water quality issues. Streets are passable. Sewer plant is operating at normal capacity. City crews are now focusing on sediment clean up. Priorities have been identified as storm drains, catch basins, manholes and pump stations.

 Additional updates:

Garbage Dumpsters:  The garbage dumpsters placed throughout the city will remain throughout the weekend. The dumpsters are for use by City of Aberdeen residents for property damaged by flooding. The dumpsters will be removed on Monday, January 12. These locations are unmanned and citizens are asked to place material inside the dumpster. Do not use the dumpsters for hazardous waste or large appliances. The locations are:

  • West End Park
  • Corner of Market and F Streets
  • 1300 Block of Simpson (next to old Swanson’s store)
  • SouthShore Mall (near the old K-Mart location)
  • Parking lot of the Harbor City Church at Scammel and Cherry

Cleaning Supplies:  The American Red Cross will be set up in the parking lot of Aberdeen High School (East 3rd and North I Streets) from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow to distribute cleaning supplies to residents.

Help from Volunteers:  Many organizations and groups are forming to volunteer in the community this weekend. Our thanks and appreciation goes out to everyone offering to help. The City has been in contact with an organization that has experience working with volunteers for large events such as this. We will have more information to provide tomorrow. This group will coordinate workers as well as those needing assistance.

Housing Assistance: Individuals needing housing assistance are encouraged to call Coastal Community Action Program (CCAP) at 360-533-5100. CCAP can also provide guidance to those who on SNAP who suffered a loss of stored food during the flood.

Prevent Fraud: Unfortunately, these events can bring out the worst in some people. Remember, never pay in advance for services. If you are paying for someone to do work for you, make sure they are licensed and insured and pay them only after the work is complete.

Complete the Personal Damage Report: All local residents are encouraged to report their personal damage. A county-wide reporting form is being used for this purpose. A link to the form can be found on the City’s website at Residents without internet access are encouraged to call the library at 360-533-2360 to reserve a computer before their visit. All Timberland libraries also have free wi-fi access from 6 a.m. to midnight every day. No password is required to access the Timberland wi-fi and access is available even if you are outside of the building. Paper copies of the form are available from the Finance Department on the first floor of City Hall. Local agencies are compiling damage reports to determine if the county will qualify for state or federal assistance.

Streets update: At this time, all streets within the City limits are passable. Neighborhoods with damage are experiencing large traffic volumes as people want to see the damage in person. We encourage residents who do not need to be in the damaged areas to avoid them, work crews and residents are working diligently to clean up and return things to normal. The additional traffic and congestion slows the clean-up process.

 Storm water system update: City crews continue to work to clear storm drains. Homeowners are encouraged to clear any storm drains in their neighborhoods. Do not place dirt in the roadway where it will be washed into or again clog the storm drainage system when the rains come again this weekend.

Water service update: Water service has been restored to all residential water customers. There are no concerns about water quality.

 Sewer system update: Flows at the sewer plant have returned to normal. If you are experiencing sanitary sewer problems, please call the sewer department 360-537-3287 or 360-533-5817 after hours to report your concern.

 Residential structures: Two homes have been red-tagged. An additional home has been demolished and removed from the roadway on Baila Way.


If you believe that your house is compromised, or if you experienced flooding that affected electrical sockets, you will need to have your house inspected. You can call our Community Development Department at 360-537-3217 to request an inspection.

As always, if you have an emergency, please call 911.

We will provide additional updates as additional assessments are made or as things change.


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