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Temporary Alternative Shelter Location Information

[Alternative Shelter Information] |  [TASL Town Hall Transcription 2019]
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Flood Press Release Update


Garbage Dumpsters Located Throughout the City for Storm Debris

Garbage dumpsters have been placed at five locations throughout the City for citizens to use for storm debris. These locations are unmanned and citizens are asked to place material inside the dumpster only. The locations are:

  • West End Park
  • Corner of Market and F Streets
  • 1300 Block of Simpson (next to old Swanson’s store)
  • SouthShore Mall (near the old K-Mart location)
  • Parking lot of the Harbor City Church at Scammel and Cherry

There were at least 10 landslides throughout the City. We know that the landslides and floods pushed dirt, mud and silt into many yards.  It is important that this material not be pushed back into the street. Doing so has the potential to again cause flooding in your area when the rains return this weekend. We understand that this is a concern and a problem. We hope to be able to provide you with a response plan for that material within the next few days.

Additional updates:

Assistance Funds: At this time, it is unknown if the City or private citizens will qualify for any state or federal assistance. Key staff members have met with representatives from the Washington State Department of Emergency Management. Damage assessments are being compiled. In addition, local residents are encouraged to report their personal damage. As soon as it is available, a link to the county-wide reporting form will be posted on the City’s website at Paper copies of the form are available from the Finance Department on the first floor of City Hall. This is a reporting form, not a claim form. However, your reports are needed in order to help determine if FEMA assistance will become available.

Funds may also be available from the Small Business Association. Personal property loans may be available even if you do not own a business. Additional information can be found at

 Streets update: At this time, all streets within the City limits are passable. Caution is urged when driving through any standing water. To prevent damage to neighboring homes, cars are asked to drive at a speed that does not produce visible wakes in the water.

Storm water system update: City crews continue to work to clear storm drains. Homeowners are encouraged to clear any storm drains in their neighborhoods. Do not place dirt in the roadway where it will be washed into or again clog the storm drainage system when the rains come again this weekend.

 Water service update: At this time, service has been restored to all residential water customers. There are no concerns about water quality.

 Sewer system update: The sewer plant continues to function and flows have returned to normal. If you are experience sanitary sewer problems, please call the sewer department

360-537-3287 or 360-533-5817 after hours to report your concern.


If you believe that your house is compromised, or if you experienced flooding that affected electrical sockets, you will need to have your house inspected. You can call our Community Development Department at 360-537-3217 to request an inspection.

As always, if you have an emergency, please call 911.

We will provide additional updates as additional assessments are made or as things change.

















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