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Temporary Alternative Shelter Location Information

[Alternative Shelter Information] |  [TASL Town Hall Transcription 2019]
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Fire and Rescue Apparatus

Aberdeen Fire Department - Main Station


The department has been an avid Pierce customer over the years. Apparatus at the main headquarters station consists of a 2001 Pierce 1500 gpm quint, a 1994 Pierce  1500 gpm quint, a 1994 Pierce 1500 gpm pumper and three Ford/Horton medical units. The shift officer utilizes a 2002 Ford Excursion command unit. Station 2 houses a 2001 Pierce 1500 gpm rescue pumper and a 97 Ford/Horton medic unit. Located in a museum are a 1927 Ahrens Fox 1000-gpm-piston pumper and a 1903 American Ahrens extra first size steam pumper that still remain on the city apparatus roster.

State of the Art Fire Fighting Equipment

The 2001 Pierce aerial (Ladder 1) and rescue pumper (Engine 6) are Dash 2000’s and were ordered at the same time. The rescue pumper is a 2-stage 1500 gpm, with a 500-gallon water tank. It has a compressed air foam system with both A and B foam tanks. It can flow foam out of all pre-connected hose lines as well as the 500-gpm-deck gun. The engine is equipped with a four-bottle cascade system, with booster pump, engineered by Pierce. Due to height restrictions at its assigned station, the ground ladders are stowed within the hose body. The rig also carries a full complement of hazardous materials response equipment, and is equipped with a 450 HP Detroit Diesel. These 2001 pieces of apparatus each have front bumper trash lines.

Reserve Engines

Two 1994 Pierce Dash engines were also ordered at the same time and are now kept in reserve. Engine 5 is equipped with a 2- stage 1500 gpm pump, 500-gallon tank. It was ordered with a  telesquirt and 1000-gpm tip. The other 1994 pumper, Engine 4, is equipped with a 2-stage 1500 gpm pump and a 750-gallon water tank. It has a plumbed deck gun. Both of these units are equipped with 350 HP Cummings diesels engines. Both of these engines have  Hanney booster reels. All Aberdeen Fire Department apparatus carry large diameter supply hose and 1.75 attack lines with task force tips.

Battalion Chief Vehicles

In 2002 the department placed into service a new 2002 Ford Excursion, which is staffed daily with an on-duty Battalion Chief. The unit is equipped with a pullout rear section for incident command requirements and additional communications equipment. The unit also carries specialty firefighting equipment not found on the fire apparatus.

A 1994 Chevrolet 1 ton utility unit is equipped with hazardous materials items as well as medical supplies for mass-casualty incidents. It tows a Cargomate trailer with additional equipment.

ALS transport ambulances

In addition to the fire apparatus already mentioned, the department operates four fully equipped ALS transport ambulances. All four of the units are Ford/Horton units identical in specification. All are equipped for portable ventilator units and also carry basic firefighting PPE equipment. These units are used for routine medical responses in our designated EMS coverage areas, as well as inter-facility hospital transports from Aberdeen to the Seattle/Tacoma area hospitals.