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Temporary Alternative Shelter Location Information

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Damage Assessment + Debris Vouchers


 One-half of Aberdeen homes contacted have storm damage

A preliminary review of the results of city crews going door to door in the hard hit areas within the City of Aberdeen indicate that one-half of the 757 homes contacted had received some damage from the January 4-5, 2015, rainstorm. The damage ranges from damaged landscaping to having several feet of water and mud inside homes. There is no estimate as to the cost of repairs to private homes. Damage estimates must be reported by the residents and business owners impacted by the storm. A link to the reporting form can be found on the City’s website at Paper copies of the form are available at City Hall as well.

The private damage reports are used by the county department of emergency management, the primary contact for state and federal relief agencies. Assistance to private citizens is completely separate from assistance that may or may not be made available to the City. Individual assistance is determined using a variety of factors including total community impact, economic and resource factors. Even citizens who do not need financial help to complete repairs are encouraged to file damage reports so funds can be made available to those who do need assistance. Every report, no matter how small, helps identify the impact to our community.

Additionally, officials at City Hall are looking at $2.2 million in costs related to storm response and repairs to City owned properties. The total includes the repairs to roadways, removal of a home from the street, debris removal, repairs needed to pumps and other equipment and overtime for the crews who worked endlessly to restore the damaged infrastructure. At this time, the City is still waiting to hear if any state or federal assistance will be available to local governments to help recover those costs. Overall the entire state must reach $9.5 million in damage before any federal assistance will become available to government agencies.

Voucher for Storm Debris Removal

City of Aberdeen residents can pick up a voucher for free storm debris disposal from the Finance Department on the first floor of City Hall. Coastal Community Action Program (CCAP) continues to be your contact for all flood related information and requests for assistance. If you have a flood related question, concern or report, please call CCAP at 360-533-5100.

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