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Temporary Alternative Shelter Location Information

[Alternative Shelter Information] |  [TASL Town Hall Transcription 2019]
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Tsunami Walk Maps

Regional Evacuation Walk Time Maps The State of Washington has published tsunami evacuation walk time maps for the coastal areas of the state including towns of Aberdeen, Hoquiam, and Cosmopolis. The maps show the amount of time it would take to evacuate from within the modeled inundation zone of a Cascadia-sourced subduction zone earthquake. Tsunami […]

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Advance Notice of Advertisement for Street Paving, Widening, and Reconstruction – Aberdeen, WA

Advance Notice of Advertisement for Street Paving, Widening, and Reconstruction The City of Aberdeen will advertise a project approximately April 24 for street work. The plan is subject to change but is anticipated to include reconstructing Arthur St (including curb and sidewalk) between B St and Grant St, constructing curb and sidewalk along the south […]

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Museum Professional Request for Qualifications

REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS (RFQ) Museum Collections Management and Operations Professional REQUEST DATE:  December 12, 2018 SUBMITTAL DEADLINE:  4:00 PM (local time), Thursday, January 3, 2019 SUBMIT TO:  City of Aberdeen Parks Department,  200 E Market Street, Aberdeen, WA 98520 NUMBER OF COPIES: One hard copy or electronic copy (PDF by email or USB) PROJECT CONTACT: […]

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West County Citizens Academy

The Aberdeen, Hoquiam, and Cosmopolis Police Departments are proud the announce the start of the 2019 West County Citizen’s Academy in January! This is the first Citizen’s Academy in our area for well over 10-years and we are excited to provide this free training for our citizens. The purpose of the Citizen’s Academy is to […]

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