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Temporary Alternative Shelter Location Information

[Alternative Shelter Information] |  [TASL Town Hall Transcription 2019]
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AFD Annual Report

AFD LogoThe City of Aberdeen provides fire protection within the city boundaries servicing 16,890 residents over 10.5 square miles. In addition, we provide fire and/or EMS protection to Fire Districts 10 and 15, Cosmopolis, Bigelow Drive and Stafford Creek Corrections. Fire and EMS are provided through two fire stations staffed 24/7 at each facility.

4600 Service Calls

In 2013 the Aberdeen Fire Department responded to a total of 4696 calls for service. Structure fire losses for the year totaled $1.5 million vs. $436,925 in property saved. There were ten fire incidents during the year that required a second alarm or greater in which resources beyond the daily staffing were needed to manage the incident. Total call volumes for fire, emergency medical, and medical calls requiring a fire engine to respond with an ambulance for additional manpower are shown below.

• 453 Fire Responses
• 967 Engine Medical Assists
• 4243 Emergency Medical Responses

Response Times and Established Goals

The department’s average response time from dispatch to arrival on scene for structure fires within the city limits was 5 minutes 42 seconds. This includes an average two minutes of “turnout time” or the time it takes from initial dispatch to the first unit responding. This falls within the National Fire Protection Agency’s goal for a fire department to arrive within six minutes to an incident 90% of the time. …[view full report]

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