What are the requirements after approval?
  • Agreement: The building must be protected during the ten-year exemption period by a historic preservation agreement which must include the following provisions:
    • The building must be in sound structural condition and maintained according to Washington State standards.
    • The owner must obtain approval from the Historic Preservation Commission prior to making improvements.
    • The property must be visible from a public right-of-way or made available for public view one day a year.
    • If the property is sold, the new owner must sign a new agreement to continue the special valuation.
  • Appeals:
    • Any decision of the Commission acting on any application for classification as a historic property, eligible for special valuation, may be appealed to Superior Court under Chapters 34.05.510 RCW and 34.05.598 RCW in addition to any other remedy of law.
    • Any decision on the disqualification of historic property eligible for special valuation, or any other dispute, may be appealed to the City of Aberdeen Council.
    • Standing to appeal the Commission's decision shall be limited to the following person(s) pursuant to the Washington State Land Use Petition Act (36.70C.060 RCW):
      • The applicant and/or the owner of the property to which the Commission's decision is directed
      • Person(s) aggrieved or adversely affected by the Commission's decision, or who would be aggrieved or adversely affected by a reversal or modification of the commission's decision
  • Penalties: Owners who fail to comply with their agreement or other program requirements must pay:
    • All back taxes which would have been otherwise owed
    • Interest on back taxes
    • A penalty equal to 12% of back taxes and interest

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