What buildings are eligible?
  • Residential, Industrial or Commercial buildings which:
    • Are on the Aberdeen Historic Register or are in a Historic District and:
      • Have lost major historic features that are being restored in the renovation project for which the property tax valuation is being claimed
      • Have retained major historic features
    • Have been substantially rehabilitated. Actual Cost of Rehabilitation means costs incurred within 24 prior to the date application and directly resulting from one or more of the following:
      • All cost defined as qualified rehabilitation expenditures for purposes of the federal historic preservation investment tax credit
      • Architectural and engineering services attributable to the design of the improvements
      • Improvements outside of but directly attached to the original structure which is necessary to make the building fully useable but shall not include rentable/habitable floor-space attributable to new construction
      • Improvements to an existing building located on or within the perimeters of the original structure
    • The actual cost of rehabilitation shall be at least 25% of the assessed valuation of the historic property, exclusive of the assessed value attributable to the land, prior to rehabilitation.
    • Retain their historic character after rehabilitation. The Washington State Advisory Council's Standards for the Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Historic Properties or State Advisory Council's Standards are the rehabilitation and maintenance standards used by the Aberdeen Historic Preservation Commission as minimum requirements for determining whether or not a historic property is eligible for special valuation and whether or not the property continues to be eligible for special valuation one it has been so classified.

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1. What is the Aberdeen Historic Register?
2. What qualifies a property for the Historic Register?
3. What is the process for designation?
4. What are the benefits of Register placement?
5. What is not affected by placement and what is not reviewed?
6. What buildings are eligible?
7. What are the requirements after approval?
8. What is the special valuation review procedure?
9. What are the submittal requirements for Aberdeen Historic Tax Applications?
10. What is the criteria for review by the commission?
11. Now that I am listed on the Historic Register what do I need to know about the future repairs, upgrades, and additions to my home or building?
12. What do I do now? My property is listed on the Historic Register and it needs to be demolished.
13. What if I do not agree with the commission’s findings?