When is a permit issued?

Over the Counter

Some permits can be issued without plans. We call these “Over the Counter” permits. This means that as soon as the application has been reviewed, for completeness, you will be provided an invoice to pay, without any further review. i.e. Roofing, Siding, Mechanical or Plumbing permits. These permits can be issued same day from the counter. Online review can be same day but may take up to 3 or 4 business days depending on the workload. All permits are reviewed in the order they come in.

Reviewed Permits

Most all permits that require submittals will need to go through a plan review process. Some permits require more submittal documents than other permits. Some only require one department to review the application and others require all the departments to review the application. These types of permit applications have varying time frames for issuance. Typically, permits that go through a review process, will be 1 to 8 weeks. The more complete your submittal documents are, the quicker we can review them. Check out the Submittal Requirements for Permitting page.

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