Can I have my City of Aberdeen bill paid by auto-pay?

At this time, we only offer automatic payments from a checking or savings account and is processed through our office. If you choose to sign up for this service - the withdrawal will occur on the 4th of each month, unless that happens to be a weekend or holiday. In either of those cases, the withdrawal will occur on the next business day.  The auto pay system is set up to withdraw the TOTAL AMOUNT DUE on your utility account at the time of withdrawal. Please remember that if the funds are not available on the day that they are withdrawn, there will be an NSF fee assessed to your utility account and your services may be in danger of being turned off.

You will need to fill out the Utility Automatic Bill Paying Authorization Form form and include a voided check or document from your bank supplying the routing number and account number that you would like to use.  If you would like the current bill paid via the auto-pay program, please be sure to return the form by the 20th of the current month.

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