Residential Siding

Application Preparation

All permit applications are available, to apply for electronically through the Permit Portal.

When filling out an electronic permit application, depending on the permit type, there may be submittal document require. Each permit type has its own set of requirements and details you will need to provide.
Below is the specific information that will be needed to complete the listed permit application.

Permit Application Type: Residential Siding

Project Description

A detailed description is needed for every project. NOTE: on the application the area for this description has a red asterisk.          Be Specific! 

  • New siding entire house
  • Replacing the siding on the garage
  • Replacing 300 square feet of beveled cedar siding


Submittals are needed for any project, that require prior approval, through a plan review. 

Visit the General Requirements for Submittals page for document details.

  • None required typically.  Siding is required to be installed according to manufactures specifications. 
  • Asbestos Test - Cement siding may contain Asbestos and will be required to be tested before removal. This requirement will be added to the permit application, only as needed. 


This section of the online application will require you to provide the below information.

  • Square footage of siding being replaced?
  • Type of siding removed?
  • Replace plywood or OSB? (Wall Sheathing)
  • New siding type?


Permit fees will be based on the project valuation. The valuation is the full cost, that includes all materials and labor at market price. 

All fee structures can be viewed on the Fees page.

  • Building Fees

Other Possible Requirements

This section of the electronic application will have a link for the possible additional permits needed for the project. 

  • None