Submittal Requirements for Permitting 

  1. Renee Reynolds

    Floodplain Administrator / Permit Tech III

  2. Currently Vacant

    Building Official

  3. Josh Padgett

    Building Inspector II

  • Your building site plan can take various formats – The Permit Counter will accept a professionally prepared drawing or a self-prepared drawing, that is inclusive of all permitting submittal requirements. Regardless of format you elect to utilize, it must address all items listed on the Site Plan Requirements Checklist.
  • Avoid delays - To prevent your permit application from having to go through multiple reviews. Follow the measure-twice-cut-once adage, take care that your application is complete, accurate, addressing all requirements and averting processing delays.  
  • Utilize the available tools – Did you know there is a lot of information available on the City of Aberdeen’s GIS maps page? You can see an approximation of your property lines, put on layers to see where sewer, water and stormwater is located (within the rights-of-way). In addition, you can click on the property to get parcel information along with determining if you are in the floodplain.  
  • In establishing your project’s timeline - allow time for the unexpected. Depending on the size, scope, and complexity of your project you may need to obtain the professional expertise of a geologist, engineer, or other industry expert.  Certain times of the year may be busier than other times, that may place demands on the staff causing the review applications and plans to be delayed.