Current Projects

Transportation Projects

SR 105 Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements

The City of Aberdeen was awarded $364k from the Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Program to install sidewalks and a bicycle lane between Harriman St and Grays Harbor Community College.  

Click on the following link to see the 2023 TBD project plan.  There was a public hearing on February 22, 2023 to receive public comment.  The 2023 TBD project plan was approved following the public hearing.

Transportation Benefit District 2023 Projects

Click on the following link see projects that are planned for the next 6 years.

Six Year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)

Sewer Projects

Pump Station 5 Rehabilitation

Pump station 5 is located at the corner of E Market St and Chicago.  This project will replace aging electrical and mechanical equipment, rehabilitate the concrete structures, and replace the undersized force main to improve capacity.

Bypass pumping connections

This project will install bypass connections between the pump stations along the Wishkah River.  Once completed, a pump station can be out of service without the need for manual collection and a reduced risk of spilling.

Sewer Pump Station Reliability Improvements Project


Aberdeen-Hoquiam Flood Protection Project (North Shore Levee & Fry Creek Pump Station)

For more information regarding flood control projects affecting the citizens of Aberdeen please visit our web page on the Washington State government website.

Community Development Block Grant

2022 Projects